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Synbio news • 04/22/09 Brewing with Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology rests on the hope that biological "parts" like DNA and proteins can be engineered and assembled just like a machine or computer circuit, but the field still has some way to go before this is the case. As much as biologists know about the structure and function of biological molecules, their behavior when interacting with one another is still unpredictable…..

Synbio news • 04/22/09 A New Hope for Bio-Fuels?

Scientists at the University of California in San Francisco have discovered a potentially revolutionary new way of creating gasoline without the use of food crops, and without the pesky necessity of spending millions of years buried beneath the earth….

Synbio news • 04/20/09 Amyris Renewable Diesel Receives EPA Registration

Amyris today announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has officially registered Amyris’s renewable diesel fuel, making it the first time a hydrocarbon-based fuel made from plant-derived resources has been registered for commercial sale…

Synbio news • 04/17/09 Synthetic Biology’s Emergence and Potential To Be Discussed at World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology

Successful applications and popular exploration have positioned the field of synthetic biology to become a growth industry. Thought leaders from the United States and Europe will explore the implications of the synthetic biology’s rapid emergence during the 2009 World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing,….

Synbio news • 04/16/09 The Green-Energy Mecca of Emeryville

One startup, Amyris, hopes to make fuels and feedstocks that are highly profitable even with $50-a-barrel oil….

Synbio news • 04/16/09 The Green-Energy Mecca of Emeryville

One startup, Amyris, hopes to make fuels and feedstocks that are highly profitable even with $50-a-barrel oil….

Synbio news • 04/15/09 Synthetic Bio's Promise Places It on Fast Track Field Could Still Be Derailed by Overhyped Expectations and Trepidation

Synthetic biology, or synbio, has leapt into scientific, commercial, and social discourse with amazing speed. While the term has existed since at least the 1970s, the field emerged in force just five years ago…

Synbio news • 03/12/09 Artificial life could be created within FIVE years, experts claim

Artificial life could be created 'within five years', researchers claimed. Laboratories across the world are closing in on a second genesis…

Synbio news • 03/06/09 Synthetic biology can help extend anti-malaria drug effectiveness

In addition to providing a simple and much less expensive means of making artemisinin, the most powerful anti-malaria drug in use today, synthetic biology can also help to extend the effectiveness of this drug…

Synbio news • 03/05/09 Cal Close to Building ‘Organs from Scratch’

Synthetic biologists are getting closer to creating man-made organs made out of genetically engineered cells…

Synbio news • 02/28/09 Malaria treatment developed using synthetic biology, fermentation

Achieving a milestone in the fight against malaria, scientists at Amyris Biotechnologies have produced 25 g/L of amorphadiene, a precursor of the antimalarial agent artemisinin, by using synthetic biology and E. coli fermentations…

Synbio news • 02/27/09 Synthetic life form grows in Florida lab

When NASA began thinking about missions to look for life beyond Earth, it realized it had a problem: how to recognize life if it were found…

Synbio news • 02/26/09 Biotechnology’s potential barely exploited

New research tools will bring a boom in biotechnology that will unlock the enormous potential of using synthetic life to cure disease and develop environmentally friendly fuels, scientists say…

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