Project news • 03/02/16 How Can Genetic Engineering Help Stop the Zika Virus?

Last month, Eleonore Pauwels of the Synthetic Biology Project participated in a panel organized by New America Foundation and Slate Magazine that explored how new gene technologies could help fight the emerging Zika Virus threat. An archived video of the panel can be viewed here.

Project news • 12/02/15New Algae Research Could Address Climate Change and Food Security Challenges

With all eyes on the United Nation climate talks in Paris, one synthetic biology-based solution to climate change could be sitting in a nearby pond.

Project news • 11/12/15The Rise of Do-It-Yourself Biology: A Look at the Baltimore Underground Science Space (BUGSS)

In a new documnentary, the Synthetic Biology Project explores the growth of do-it-yourself biology (DIYbio) as seen through the BUGSS community lab in Baltimore, Maryland.

past event • 10/15/15Leveraging Synthetic Biology’s Promise and Managing Potential Risk

NEW DATE! Join us Oct. 15 for the release of our new report, The DNA of the U.S. Regulatory System: Are We Getting It Right for Synthetic Biology? Panelists will discuss how synthetic biology applications would be regulated by the U.S. Coordinated Framework, how this would affect the market pathway of these applications and whether the existing framework will protect human health and the environment.

Project news • 05/14/14Synthetic Biology Still in Uncharted Waters of Public Opinion

In a new set of focus groups convened by the Synthetic Biology Project, participants raised concerns about the specific applications of the emerging technology.

past event • 11/08/13The Nagoya Protocol and Synthetic Biology Research: A Look at the Potential Impacts

VIDEO ADDED: A report from the Synthetic Biology Project looks at how the UN's Nagoya Protocol may affect U.S. researchers working in the field of synthetic biology.

Project news • 10/08/13Company Serves Up Made-to-Order Organisms

In our latest podcast on entrepreneurs in synthetic biology, we speak with Ginkgo BioWorks' Jason Kelly about his firm's focus on the bio-organism market.

Project news • 08/08/13Startup Looks at Synthetic Biology for Mining Applications

In our latest podcast, we talked to Patrick Nee of Universal Bio Mining about the regulations and the use of synthetic biology in the mining indsutry.

past event • 06/03/13Stranger Visions: The DNA You Leave Behind

VIDEO ADDED: In this exhibit/policy discussion, artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg will discuss her Stranger Visions project and discuss the bioethical, legal and policy dimensions of the work with a panel of experts.

Project news • 05/22/13Synthetic Biology Utilized in Novel Food Safety Test

In our new podcast, we hear about how synthetic biology is tracking bacteria in food processing.

Project news • 04/25/13UPDATED: ‘Glowing Plant’ Project Reaches Fundraising Goal

The crowdfunded project to create a glowing plant could lead to the widely distributed release of a synthetically designed plant.

past event • 03/20/13Awareness and Impressions of Synthetic Biology: Results of the 2013 Poll

Please join us for the release of our 2013 national poll surveying the public's attitudes towards synthetic biology.

Project news • 03/20/13 New Poll Finds Synthetic Biology Remains a Mystery

This national poll tracks the public attitudes towards synthetic biology in early 2013, finding that three out of four adults have heard little or nothing about the emerging technology.

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