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Maps Inventory

Updated Map Tracks Global Growth of Synthetic Biology

As research into synthetic biology increases, this map identifies companies, universities, research institutions, laboratories and other centers across the globe that are active in this emerging field.

In 2009, the Synthetic Biology Project began mapping the increased research in the field of synthetic biology, finding pockets of work being done in California, Massachusetts, the United Kingdom and Germany. These areas see continued growth in 2013, while research also ramps up in China and Japan.

The updated map can be used to examine the locations of companies, universities, research institutions, government and military laboratories and policy centers that are active in this emerging field. In addition to expanded listings, the updated map features improved functionality, more detailed information and additional categories and subcategories. The map can also be accessed on Android and Apple mobile devices.

This map is based on publicly available data from official websites, scientific literature, government reports and records, and newspaper and journal articles, but this field is dynamic, and the map is a work in progress. This form allows users to submit an entry, make a comment about an existing entry or correct existing information. Comments can also be sent to Thank you for taking a look: All suggestions will be reviewed and incorporated into the map.

A detailed analysis of the current landscape will be released in the coming weeks. More information about the methodology and sources for the update can be foundhere.The data behind the map can be found here.