past event • 12/08/15Digital DNA: The Nagoya Protocol, Intellectual Property Treaties, and Synthetic Biology

The Synthetic Biology Project is releasing a new report looking at intenational intellectual property treaties and synthetic biology. 

past event • 11/12/15The Rise of Do It Yourself Biology

Join us at 6 pm on Nov. 12 the Fab Lab DC for a lively discussion about the potential of do-it-youself biology. The event will feature the wrold premiere of the short documentary The Rise of Do-It-Yourself Biology: A Look at the Baltimore Underground Science Space.

past event • 10/28/15Synthetic Biology 101: An Evening of Casual Science Conversations

The Synthetic Biology Project is teaming up with the American Society for Microbiology and the Baltimore Underground Science Space to put on an exciting evening of experiements and fun. Join us on Oct. 28 in Washington, DC, to learn more about synthetic biology!

past event • 10/15/15Leveraging Synthetic Biology’s Promise and Managing Potential Risk

NEW DATE! Join us Oct. 15 for the release of our new report, The DNA of the U.S. Regulatory System: Are We Getting It Right for Synthetic Biology? Panelists will discuss how synthetic biology applications would be regulated by the U.S. Coordinated Framework, how this would affect the market pathway of these applications and whether the existing framework will protect human health and the environment.

past event • 11/19/13Myths and Realities of the DIYbio Movement

But in a first-ever survey of the DIYbio community, the Synthetic Biology Project at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars finds this work is far more innocuous than news reports and others might suggest.

past event • 11/08/13The Nagoya Protocol and Synthetic Biology Research: A Look at the Potential Impacts

VIDEO ADDED: A report from the Synthetic Biology Project looks at how the UN's Nagoya Protocol may affect U.S. researchers working in the field of synthetic biology.

past event • 06/03/13Stranger Visions: The DNA You Leave Behind

VIDEO ADDED: In this exhibit/policy discussion, artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg will discuss her Stranger Visions project and discuss the bioethical, legal and policy dimensions of the work with a panel of experts.

past event • 03/20/13Awareness and Impressions of Synthetic Biology: Results of the 2013 Poll

Please join us for the release of our 2013 national poll surveying the public's attitudes towards synthetic biology.

past event • 02/26/13Communicating Synthetic Biology: How the Media Covers Emerging Technology

Please join us for a panel discussion about how the media in the United States and Europe covers synthetic biology.

past event • 12/14/12Workshop on Data Needs and Testing Methods for Assessing the Field Release of Synthetically Designed Algae

A workshop hosted by the Synthetic Biology Project, MIT Program on Emerging Technologies and EPA to determine the data needs and testing methods for the environmental release of synthetically designed algae and to assess the ecological effects and risks of synthetic organisms.

past event • 06/29/12Managing Uncertainty: How to Assess, Test and Demonstrate Safety for Synthetic Biology Applications

The Wilson Center on June 29 hosted a workshop to examine the environmental implications of synthetic biology, bringing together experts from multiple scientific fields, industry, and public interest groups.

past event • 04/18/12 Principles for the Oversight of Synthetic Biology: Is the Precautionary Principle Needed?

View the Synthetic Biology Project's April 18 panel discussion of new report from 113 NGOs calling for officials to observe the precautionary principle in regulating synthetic biology, including a moratorium on commercial uses.

past event • 03/27/12 The Art of Synthetic Biology Governance

Join us for a discussion with Dr. Claire Marris about the concepts of "scientific uncertainty" and "cross-borderness" in synthetic biology governance.

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