past event • 06/17/09Synthetic Biology: Feasibility of the Open Source Movement

Some synthetic biologists are building their own brand of open-source science in an effort to enable synthetic biology's potential. Will this open source movement succeed? What level of IP protection is needed?

past event • 03/25/09Popping the Cork on Synthetic Biology

"Laws like the Toxic Substances Control Act and Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act simply were not designed to handle 21st century advances.," contends Michael Rodemeyer in his new report, New Life, Old Bottles...

past event • 02/20/09Upcoming Synbio Events around the World

A periodically updated list of synthetic biology events and conferences

past event • 01/08/09 Synthetic Biology: Is Ethics a Showstopper?

Synthetic biology promises to enable cheap, lifesaving new drugs to treat the 350-500 million people who suffer from malaria, and to create innovative biofuels that can help solve the world’s energy problems. But are synthetic biologists playing God? Will synthetic biology’s expected products and profits be stymied by policymakers and the public?

past event • 11/14/08Synthetic Biology: Coming up Fast!

Synthetic biology is being touted by scientists and venture capitalists as “the next big thing.” Researchers claim to be on the brink of creating artificial life in a laboratory and making the world’s first synthetic microbes. But will the promises and pitfalls of synthetic biology catch governments, ethicists, experts, and the public by surprise?

past event • 09/30/08 Nanotechnology? Synthetic Biology? Hey, What’s That?

Nanotechnology and synthetic biology are two of the most exciting fields in science. They are the focus of venture capitalists, government and university laboratories, major corporations, and startup companies. But how much have Americans heard about these two fields that promise to change virtually every aspect of their lives?

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