Project news • 11/12/15The Rise of Do-It-Yourself Biology: A Look at the Baltimore Underground Science Space (BUGSS)

In a new documnentary, the Synthetic Biology Project explores the growth of do-it-yourself biology (DIYbio) as seen through the BUGSS community lab in Baltimore, Maryland.

past event • 10/28/15Synthetic Biology 101: An Evening of Casual Science Conversations

The Synthetic Biology Project is teaming up with the American Society for Microbiology and the Baltimore Underground Science Space to put on an exciting evening of experiements and fun. Join us on Oct. 28 in Washington, DC, to learn more about synthetic biology!

The DNA of the U.S. Regulatory System: Are We Getting It Right for Synthetic Biology?
Publications • 10/15/15The DNA of the U.S. Regulatory System: Are We Getting It Right for Synthetic Biology?

A new report from the Synthetic Biology Project looks at the current regulatory oversight of synthetic biology in the United States through the lens of different applications.

Synbio news • 07/14/15 "Engineering Biology" Meeting Focuses on Potential of Synthetic Biology

The Engineering Biology meeting, held in New York in April 2015, focused on the steps needed to ensure the full potential of synthetic biology. Videos presentations, articles and an executive summary can be found here.

Project news • 04/29/15New Inventory Tracks Growth of Synthetic Biology Products and Applications

The Wilson Center’s Synthetic Biology Project today has developed a first-of-its-kind inventory to track products and applications using the emerging technology of synthetic biology.

Project news • 03/26/15 Scientific American Op-ed Looks at "Genetic Determinism"

In a new op-ed, Eleonore Pauwels of the Synthetic Biology Projects and Jim Dratwa explore the limits of what DNA can tell us.

Project news • 10/08/13Company Serves Up Made-to-Order Organisms

In our latest podcast on entrepreneurs in synthetic biology, we speak with Ginkgo BioWorks' Jason Kelly about his firm's focus on the bio-organism market.

Project news • 09/10/13Project Fellow Explores Financial Woes Faced by DIYbio Labs

In a new article, Daniel Grushkin, a fellow with the Synthetic Biology Project, looks at the financial pressures facing the first wave of community labs.

Project news • 08/08/13Startup Looks at Synthetic Biology for Mining Applications

In our latest podcast, we talked to Patrick Nee of Universal Bio Mining about the regulations and the use of synthetic biology in the mining indsutry.

Project news • 05/22/13Synthetic Biology Utilized in Novel Food Safety Test

In our new podcast, we hear about how synthetic biology is tracking bacteria in food processing.

Project news • 04/25/13UPDATED: ‘Glowing Plant’ Project Reaches Fundraising Goal

The crowdfunded project to create a glowing plant could lead to the widely distributed release of a synthetically designed plant.

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