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past event • 01/13/11Beyond Containment: Asessing, Testing and Demonstrating Safety on Release of SynBio Devices and Chassis

This January 2011 event focused on developing methods to address potential risks before rather than after the fact. It looked at biosafety beyond containment, in cases where accidental release may be reasonably expected and/or where conventional containment is not an option as in bioremediation, agricultural and biomedical applications.

Project news • 12/16/10Presidential Commission on Bioethics Releases Synthetic Biology Report

A new report from the Presidential Commission on Bioethics calls for "prudent vigilance" and enhanced federal oversight of synthetic biology. The Commission calls for high level engagement and places responsibility on the Executive Office.

Synthetic Biology Newsletter
Publications • 11/29/10Synthetic Biology Newsletter

The Synthetic Biology Newsletter is an initiative of LIS Consult and the Synthetic Biology Project of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Project news • 09/07/10Select Agents should be defined by DNA sequence in today’s era of synthetic biology

A new report from the National Research Council says that Select Agents should be defined by DNA sequence in today’s Era of synthetic biology.

Project news • 09/02/10Public Policy Scholar Pauwels Testifies before Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) Meeting of Experts at the United Nations

The August 25 Seminar on the margins of the 2010 meetings of the BWC marked the culmination of 3 years of engagement on synthetic biology. The Seminar briefed the BWC community on non-security challenges raised by synthetic biology and illustrated how they are being dealt with.

Project news • 07/06/10Project Director Rejeski Testifies before Bioethics Commission

The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues held its first meeting on July 8-9. David Rejeski testified on the ethical issues of synthetic biology.

Trends in Synthetic Biology Research Funding in the United States and Europe
Publications • 06/04/10Trends in Synthetic Biology Research Funding in the United States and Europe

The Synthetic Biology Project found that the U.S. government has spent around $430m on synbio research since 2005.

Project news • 04/26/10 Reinventing Technology Assessment for the 21st Century

A new report defines the criteria for a new technology assessment function in the United States, emphasizing the need to incorporate citizen-participation methods to complement expert analysis.

past event • 03/11/10BioSecurity: How synthetic biology is changing the way we look at biology and biological threats

The rapidly growing network of do-it-yourself biologists has attracted the attention of both innovators, looking to mobilize a network of creative minds, and security experts, worrying about the proliferation of new capacities to create biological organisms.

past event • 11/30/09Patenting Synthetic Biology -- A Transatlantic Perspective

As synthetic biology moves forward, it is critical to understand how the USPTO and EPO will react and respond to synthetic biology applications. This is a unique opportunity to discuss factors influencing intellectual property policy pertaining to synthetic biology with experts from the US and Europe.

Project news • 09/22/09 Synthetic Biology Project Receives Two National Science Foundation Grants

The Synthetic Biology project recently received two grants from the National Science Foundation to support a Transatlantic Exploratory Workshop on the Implications of Cutting-Edge Biotechnologies for Sustainability Science and Policy, and research on the use of on-line prediction markets to explore emerging issues in synthetic biology.

Project news • 07/21/09Synthetic Biology Project Director speaks at NAS

David Rejeski discusses "Public Perceptions On The Technological Frontier" at the National Academies.

Project news • 07/20/09Synthetic Biology on the Radio

Synthetic Biology Project director discusses opportunities and challenges of synthetic biology on The Kojo Nnamdi Show (NPR).

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