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Project news • 04/25/13UPDATED: ‘Glowing Plant’ Project Reaches Fundraising Goal

The crowdfunded project to create a glowing plant could lead to the widely distributed release of a synthetically designed plant.

Project news • 04/10/13Presentation Summarizes Recent Public Perception Work

In a recent presentation, Synthetic Biology Project Director David Rejeski explores the narratives and media headlines surrounding the technology.

Project news • 03/20/13 New Poll Finds Synthetic Biology Remains a Mystery

This national poll tracks the public attitudes towards synthetic biology in early 2013, finding that three out of four adults have heard little or nothing about the emerging technology.

Project news • 03/05/13Journal Article Looks at Public Perception of Synthetic Biology

In a new article, Eleonore Pauwels of the Synthetic Biology Project looks at four years of public perception studies of synthetic biology.

Project news • 03/04/13CONTEXT Tackles Science Journalism and Synthetic Biology

The Wilson Center's CONTEXT podcast sat down with the Columbia Journalism Review's Curtis Brainard to hear about the quality of science journalism and how synthetic biology is covered

Project news • 03/04/13New Article Explores Growing DIYbio Movement

The Synthetic Biology Project's Todd Kuiken looks at the growing world of DIYbio in a piece in the March issue of The Scientist -- focusing on the movement's largely proactive approach to safety and security issues.

Project news • 01/23/13 Policy Brief Looks at Bio-Economy Governance

A new policy brief from the Wilson Center looks at a host of challenges unique to the growing bio-economy.

Project news • 01/17/13 Questions about Biosafety? Ask a Biosafety Expert!

The Synthetic Biology Project and have launched a new website to provide free and timely safety advice to Do-It-Yourself biologists.

Project news • 12/04/12 Press Coverage of Synthetic Biology on the Rise

This new report explores the increase in press coverage of synthetic biology in the 2008-2011 period.

Project news • 09/26/12Panel Discussion on Synthetic Biology

The DC Science Cafe is holding a discussion on Oct. 23, 2012 in Washington about the "promise and perils" of synthetic biology featuring Todd Kuiken of the Synthetic Biology Project and Debra Mathews of Johns Hopkins University.

Project news • 07/16/12 Synthetic Biology Scorecard Finds Federal Agencies Responding to Presidential Bioethics Commission Report

The updated Synthetic Biology Scorecard finds increase federal action to address recommendations in the Presidential Bioethics Commission report, though more work is needed.

Project news • 03/13/12 The Societal Impacts of Synthetic Biology

A new online survey seeks public opinion about the most pressing ethical, legal, and social implications of synthetic biology.

Project news • 02/29/12 How Do You Stop a Synthetic-Biology Disaster?

A new editorial in the journal Nature is calling for $20 million to $30 million in research over the next ten years to study the potential ecological risks of synthetic biology.

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