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Project news • 02/08/12The Governance of Synthetic Biology

Check out the project's online scorecard to track efforts to better govern synthetic biology research and development, focusing on recommendations from the presidential bioethics commission.

Project news • 01/13/12New EC Publication Marks New Strategy Towards Responsible Innovation

The European Commission's Science in Society Programme reflects on how to proceed towards Responsible Research and Innovation in the Information and Communication Technologies and Security Technology fields.

Project news • 08/16/11New Podcast Launched on DIYbio

BioCurious Community Lab in Sunnvale, CA launches a new podcast called Garage Bio devoted to cheap and DIY approaches to biology.

Project news • 05/23/11New LSE BIOS Report Addresses Synbio Challenges

A new working paper from LSE BIOS proposes an "art of governance" to address governance challenges.

Project news • 05/17/11Synthetic Biology Project Welcomes Public Policy Scholar

Dr. Genya Dana joins the project as its first public policy scholar. She will be exploring the process of Comprehensive Environmental Assessment as it applies to synthetic biology.

Project news • 03/31/11Eurobarometer Report finds Europeans largely unaware of synthetic biology

Europeans consider genetically modified food to be probably unsafe or even harmful, they are largely unaware of synthetic biology--only 17% of Europeans have heard of the science.

Project news • 03/22/11Synthetic Biology Project Director discusses DIYBio on Kojo Nnamdi Show

David Rejeski discusses the emerging field of DIYBio on WAMU's The Kojo Nnamdi Show.

Project news • 12/16/10Presidential Commission on Bioethics Releases Synthetic Biology Report

A new report from the Presidential Commission on Bioethics calls for "prudent vigilance" and enhanced federal oversight of synthetic biology. The Commission calls for high level engagement and places responsibility on the Executive Office.

Project news • 11/29/10Inaugural Synthetic Biology Newsletter Release

The Synthetic Biology Newsletter is an initiative of LIS Consult and the Synthetic Biology Project of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. The newsletter is financially supported by the Commission on Genetic Modification and the Rathenau Institute, both in the Netherlands.

Project news • 11/12/10Societal Issues Arising from Synthetic Biology

Workshop hosted by the Alfred R. Sloan Foundation, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

November 8-9, 2010

Project news • 11/09/10Fictional Super Cell Market Imagines Synbio Products

Super Cell is a fictional supermarket offering speculative products, which are all based on synthetic biology.

Project news • 09/09/10 The Public Looks at Synthetic Biology—Cautiously

A new poll conducted by Hart Research Associates and the Synthetic Biology Project finds that two-thirds of Americans think that synthetic biology should move forward, but with more research to study its possible effects on humans and the environment.

Project news • 09/07/10Select Agents should be defined by DNA sequence in today’s era of synthetic biology

A new report from the National Research Council says that Select Agents should be defined by DNA sequence in today’s Era of synthetic biology.

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